With + 35 years of hands on experience as a sound technician Audio Visual Australia is the company who will give you the best deal with the best equipment. Whether you are a church, mosque, large or small shop, warehouse, school, hospital or any other place which requires a sound system, AVA can save you time, energy and money. Before you make any decision contact us so that we can have the opportunity to serve you.

We are now dealers for some of the best and most
modern audio equipment, in fact some will say it is 'futureristic'.  This is no 'sell' -- this is truth !

FBT Speaker systems that are a fraction of the size but many times stronger than other systems. Just amazing and a 'must try' for anyone who is looking to either downsize their current system or start off with the very latest.

Behringer AIR X18 is a shoebox size digital mixer that is nearly beyond description what it does.  No more racks full of EQ, Compressors, FX of all types etc.. This little beauty deos it all.  6 Monitor sends !!  4 Amazing FX Areas which cater for any needs.
You have to see it in person to really get the impact of it. 

Use it with your laptop, phone or tablet.. Apple, Windows or Andriod.

Call or contact us today for a discussion or demo..

and by the way... INCREDIBLE PRICES !!

 We are proud distributors of the following brands and products 

BOSE , BOSCH ,Altronics, Redback Amplifiers - with 10 years Australian warranty 
FBT speakers , RANE , Cloud systems * from UK* ,INDESIGN comercial speakers and Amplifiers , SHURE Microphone systems , Soundcraft mixers

and so much more 

Contact us today on 0418 417 351 or use the contact form here for your next audio visual needs