Today many owners have us install large widescreen televisions in their stores or businesses. Whilst some of these system can be very expensive, we have options which will enable smaller businesses to have the same effect, without the big costs.

You can go from having a full wall of televisions or one on every wall, to just one unit situated in a place to capture the customer's eye.

We can either supply you with the units or we can have our expert technicians do the complete installation for you.



 With + 35 years of hands on experience as a sound technician Audio Visual Australia is the company who will give you the best deal with the best equipment. Whether you are a church, mosque, large or small shop, warehouse, school, hospital or any other place which requires a sound system, AVA can save you time, energy and money. Before you make any decision contact us so that we can have the opportunity to serve you.

We are now dealers for some of the best and most
modern audio equipment, in fact some will say it is 'futureristic'.  This is no 'sell' -- this is truth !

FBT Speaker systems that are a fraction of the size but many times stronger than other systems. Just amazing and a 'must try' for anyone who is looking to either downsize their current system or start off with the very latest.

Behringer AIR X18 is a shoebox size digital mixer that is nearly beyond description what it does.  No more racks full of EQ, Compressors, FX of all types etc.. This little beauty deos it all.  6 Monitor sends !!  4 Amazing FX Areas which cater for any needs.
You have to see it in person to really get the impact of it. 

Use it with your laptop, phone or tablet.. Apple, Windows or Andriod.

Call or contact us today for a discussion or demo..

and by the way... INCREDIBLE PRICES !!

 We are proud distributors of the following brands and products 

BOSE , BOSCH ,Altronics, Redback Amplifiers - with 10 years Australian warranty 
FBT speakers , RANE , Cloud systems * from UK* ,INDESIGN comercial speakers and Amplifiers , SHURE Microphone systems , Soundcraft mixers

and so much more 

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With over 30 experience in the audio visual industry, Head Technician Ray Ghanem leads a team which will always put your goals ahead of anything else. Their track record is impeccable as they live by their moto, 'Our success will be measured by our customer's satisfaction'.

You can rely on us whether it be for a consultation, a sound or video engineer, an installation or for sales of best quality systems. Our past and current clients include some of the biggest retailers and businesses in Australia and we look forward to adding you to our happy customer family.


Shop Sound Systems


Whilst we supply and install sound and video systems into large stores, we also have systems which are very economical and easy to install systems for smaller shops.

This is one sound system which would suit most shops -

4 speakers + 30watt amplifier and I- pod lead   ONLY $598 supplied Medium shop

3 speakers + 30watt amplifier and I- pod lead ONLY $528  supplied Small shop

OUR mini system

2 speakers + 15 watt stereo amp with I pod lead ONLY $ 388  Supplied Installation is available

Click here to see our Speaker range

200mm (8") dual cone speaker fitted with a 5W transformer. These stylish, high performance, architecturally unobtrusive speaker/grill combinations can be painted to match decor. Super easy to install                             with a 'Flip-Lock' mounting system.

                             These are all designed to meet the requirements of small to medium sized professional public address installations, delivering an output power of 30W RMS.

Frequency response extends from 40Hz to 10kHz at a total harmonic distortion (THD) of less than 0.5%. Output is 100V line only.

This unit includes thermal overload shutdown, over current and short circuit protection.

With one balanced microphone and two stereo line inputs, with recessed treble and bass controls, it’s perfect for simple installations requiring minimal inputs.

Inquire about our  NEW 10 YEAR warranty range of  Australian Made Amplifiers for the commercial industry 


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